DUI Lawyers

Whenever we’re done with a case we always ask our clients for a review of our services. We can’t wait to hear the great things you have to say about us. Here are just a couple of things we’ve heard before.


“After several attempts to locate a criminal attorney who would work with me due to the location of my charge, Chris took on my case. His review of my case was thoughtful, his investigation thorough, and his defense effective. I was thrilled with the way Chris handled my case.”

– S.K.

“Mr. Small handled my case in a forthright and thorough manner. He kept me informed during the entire process and achieved the outcome I sought. I recommend his work.”

– M.M.

“Chris is a Pro! Chris is a fantastic attorney. He is professional, knowledgeable and hard working. He helped me resolve a case that could have been disastrous in my life. He is eager to answer questions and help, as well as quick to reply to emails and phone calls. He is the standout type of attorney that is actually likeable.”

– J.T.

Great Seattle DUI Attorney! I was charged with driving on I-405 near Bellevue. They did great work, were always available to answer questions, and if I ever need to, I’ll use them again. Thanks!”

– wished to remain anonymous

“Great DUI Attorney! Really Helped Me Out. I was charged with a DUI in Seattle after driving a little erratically. I did bad on the field sobriety tests and blew a pretty high number on the breath test. I was pretty worried about what was going to happen. And then I talked to Chris Small at CMS Law Firm. He explained the process, was always there to answer my questions when I had them, and did a great job on my case. If you’re ever in trouble, give these guys a call.”

– wished to remain anonymous