Seattle criminal attorney Super Bowl tips
The Super Bowl is upon us, and once again, the Seattle Seahawks are one game away from claiming their first Super Bowl Championship.

Although this is my first experience living in a city with world championship possibilities (I’m from Kansas), I’ve seen enough celebrations (and letdowns) to have a decent idea of what’s going to happen on Sunday after the game.

And, while going out and rioting sounds fun now, and it will probably sound even more fun after a few cocktails, I want to make sure you participate in a way that keeps you out of the cross hairs of the law (although I’m a Seattle criminal attorney I would rather people stayed out of trouble).

Six Tips to Participate in the Super Bowl Riot but Avoid Jail

To help you out, Stryder and I made a little video for you. Enjoy!

[leadplayer_vid id=”52EABBAC5778F”]

Here are some of the high points:

00:20 Tip Number 1: enjoy the atmosphere, but don’t tip over cars.

00:38 Tip Number 2: leave your weapons at home.

00:49 Tip Number 3: make sure you have all of your Seahawks gear on!

01:25 Tip Number 4: smoke your pot in your house.

01:45 Tip Number 5: don’t forget that Seattle is OUR city!

01:53 What to do if you don’t follow these tips and you wind up in trouble.

What are Your Plans if We Win?

If we win, are you going to riot or lay low? Going to take to the streets or bask in the glow of victory at home?

Let us know by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

Christopher Small is the co-founder of Emerald City Law Group, a Seattle criminal defense firm dedicated to getting you out of trouble.