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What I Love About Being A Private Defense Attorney

Being a criminal defense attorney is challenging, interesting, difficult at times, fun, and rewarding all wrapped up into one.  I have really been fortunate enough to find my niche in this game.  I love it.  My path has led me to the “private” defense bar.  This is perfect for me for many reasons.  I get to co-own my own law firm.  I get to help those who work with me learn and progress based on the knowledge I have acquired (this might actually be my favorite part of this all).

I also get to spend as much time and effort as is needed on each of my individual clients’ cases.  This is possible because I control my own caseload, get to choose my clients to some extent based on our fit with one another, and have the resources to spend as much time and investigation as necessary on any given case.  To me, this is what it’s all about.

The Public Defense Reality

However, there are many amazing defense attorneys who don’t choose the “private counsel” path of criminal defense.  These are called public defenders.  I have an amazing respect for what they do, and I always inform people who even begin to question their veracity the truth about their work.  I have many colleagues whom I respect greatly that are public defenders.  I learn from them, they learn from me, and they work incredibly diligently at their job.

The article I am going to share with you today is quite interesting for many reasons.  It discusses the politics of Seattle Municipal Court, where I spend a ton of time and of which I have formed many opinions of my own.  It also gives you a glimpse into the day of a public defender.  Lastly, it features an extremely dedicated and ground breaking attorney who recently passed away that any member of the criminal defense community in Seattle (private or public) will literally brag about having known.

If you have a moment please take a look here.

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