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Should I Bail Out Immediately? Call a Criminal Defense Attorney First.

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When someone is arrested, their first inclination is usually to figure out how to get out of jail as quickly as possible.  This is perfectly natural.  JAIL SUCKS.  It is scary.  It is cold.  It is hard.  The food is terrible.  It is designed to be as uncomfortable as possible.  You are supposed to want to get out! However, what you decide to do after your arrest is an extremely important decision that should not be made without a serious amount of careful thought. SHOULD I CALL A BAIL BONDSMAN? Again, people’s first inclination is try and get out immediately.  The logical step is to call the first bail bondsman they can find.  I CAUTION AGAINST THIS. The most important, […]

“But the Cocaine Wasn’t Mine!”

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Imagine the following: You are just getting back into town from a much needed vacation.  Your brother picks you up from the airport in your car.  The reason for this is that you, being the amazing sibling that you are, let your brother borrow your car for the week while you were out of town. The next morning as you are headed to work you are pulled over for not using a turn signal properly.  The officer approaches, you roll down your window, and the officer tells you the reason for the stop.  As he is walking back to his car he shines his flashlight in the back of your car (as he is trained to do) and he spots […]

Don’t Talk to the Police.

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Imagine this: It is 9 o’clock at night, and you are driving home from dinner. You don’t realize it, but one of your taillights has gone out. Just as you are exiting the freeway to go home, you see flashing lights in your rear-view mirror. Being the good and responsible driver you are you pull to the shoulder and turn off your car.  Mr. police officer approaches you and gives you the reason for the stop (i.e. taillight out). He asks you where you are coming from, and you say dinner. He asks you if you have had anything to drink at dinner, and you being the honest citizen you are, say that you had a glass of wine with your steak.  Guess what? You just […]

Can the Cops Send Me a Criminal Citation in the Mail?

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Imagine this.  It’s a normal Tuesday.  You go to work like you normally do, talk to the same people you normally do, and then head home like you normally do.  Once you get home, just like you do every day, you check your mail. But this time something is different. This time mixed in with the credit card offers and the mailers from real estate agents is something from King County District Court.  You think maybe it’s a jury summons or something and groan as you open it. But it’s not a jury summons.  It’s something much worse than that. It’s a notice to appear in criminal court.  This is your notice that you’ve been charged with a crime. Wait […]